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Thread: Is there a way to stop this box?

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    Default Is there a way to stop this box?

    I'm using Zone Alarm Pro. Just installed it. Upon installation it saw my internet connection through my ISP which is I think a local area network, and when it flashed that yellow dialog box that says "Zone Alarm Pro has detected a new network with IP...." I gave the network connection a name and hit okay. Now here's the problem. I always get disconnected from my ISP. This happens on a regular basis. I have a broadband wireless connection which works good, but they have a problem that causes people to get unplugged from the internet for like say maybe 12 seconds every now and then. Now when I get unplugged, and then about 13 seconds later I get plugged in again, Zone Alarm flashes that yellow dialog box that says, "Zone Alarm has detected a new network with IP....". Is there a way to tell the program not to flash this dialog box every time I get disconnected and then re-connected? That's what I'd like to do, to prevent this box from even showing up, since Zone Alarm has already detected my internet connection when I first installed the software.Let me know. Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    dioxazine Guest

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    Well I may have found one way. Open task manager and highlight the entry that pertains to the Zone Alarm thing and kill it. If necessary, reboot the computer.If any of you know of additional ways, let me know.Thanks

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