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Thread: No audio on certain flash site

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    carzone Guest

    Default No audio on certain flash site

    At ,money section, on autos, James Healey writes a column on cars. If you select a review of a particular car, to the right you can click a link to see photos and then click a play button to listen to comments about the car. You can page through these photos and there is usually audio available for each one. It appears that this is running a flash type program to perform this. It works perfectly with zonealarm pro turned completely off.With ZA pro turned on, the audio cannot be heard. I can see traffic activity on the ZA red and green bars when I do this, so I know the flash program is trying to run, but is being blocked in some manner by ZA. I have tried numerous settings in privacy (allow everything, including web bugs and private headers, etc..) and in firewall (allowing the site into trusted zone) and searched program control to allow access (I do not have a flash player listed in program control however, and I couldn't find it to add it).Again, the feature works perfectly with ZApro disabled.Can someone check this very feature and give me a clue as to how it works and how to configure ZA pro to allow it? Ports?, Protocols?. Is there any way?URL: / for any help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    Default Re: No audio on certain flash site

    Have you tried turning off Mobile Code Control?

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    carzone Guest

    Default Re: No audio on certain flash site

    Thanks for responding. As best I can tell, mobile code is allowed. On the site list, there is a green check (allow) in the mobile code column. For the individual site, under options, mobile control code has none of the "block" options checked. Mobile control seems to be off by default.Any other ideas? Would you be interested in visiting the feature and observing exactly what goes on? You might easily understand what is needed better than I do.Thanks again.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: No audio on certain flash site

    I would have suggested the same thing as Chia. Try this as a test.....go to your Privacy > Main page and turn off all your main Privacy blocking and then try the site again. Can you now use the page you wish?

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    carzone Guest

    Default Re: No audio on certain flash site

    Hey thanks. That did work! Do you have any suggestions as to how to narrow it down to allow just that site through the privacy protections?

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    billc Guest

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    Maybe. There are some site that just will not work if any of your 'main' Privacy is turned on. But, this may not be one of them so try this. First go to your Site List and right click on any entry you 'customized' for USA Today and select 'remove'. I want you to start with a clean slate. Now go to the Zone Alarm Privacy Panel and click on 'custom' in Cookie Control. Then go to the bottom and enable 'Show Privacy Advisor' click apply then ok. Next go to the page in question and when the Privacy Advisor alert pops up, click on "Click here for details'' and it should take you to the Site List box where you will see the entry causing the problem. The name of the entry can be found in the "Entry Detail" box at the bottom of the page. Now click on 'options' and turn off the ones that interfer with the page. You may have to try several and then refresh the page until the issue is resolved. Did that work?

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    carzone Guest

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    Thanks, Bill. Here is the interesting thing about this problem. The feature is part of a slideshow type pop-up window. You can then click on the audio play icon with each photo. All of the ads that pop up within the window trigger the privacy advisor, and these are listed in the detail area. However, allowing the cookies for them makes no difference in the audio part. If the cookie control slider at the privacy panel is on medium or higher, the audio won't run. The cookie control slider must be having some affect on what needs to happen for the audio that is distinct from the cookie options in the site list detail area. Or, there is something going on that is not visible. Once the "slideshow" window is open, I can get audio if the master cookie control slider is off. Clicking on the play icon itself does not cause a privacy advisor alert when the cookie control slider is on. However, there is activity indicated on the ZA green and red bars taskbar icon. And the audio is not heard.Further, if either the ad-blocking or the cookie control is set to anything but off, the audio fails. Both ad-blocking and cookie control must be off for this to work.Strange huh? Also, I can find nothing in the logs to clue me into whatspecific activity is being attempted by the audio feature that invokes a block.Thanks for you help.

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