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Thread: Can't access web after uninstall

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    All I wanted to do was move my tower over six inches!! Apparently, something happened to my pci went dead. It contained my ethernet card, I had to move it to another slot and reinstall the software for it. Sounds simple.I was using EZTrust Armor,when Iwas installing my ethernet card software,my EZTrust completely fouled out and took zone alarm with it. Got error messages from EZ Antivirus, then my ZA went down. Uninstalled EZ Antivirus, ZA returned to normal....or so I thought. Now I can't access any websites. I AM connected, can ping and receive response from ip address but not domain name. I'm on permanent lockdown! All network adapters and settings appear to be correct, my pc DOES have connection, but can't get to any! What and where did ZA leave in my pc that's causing this? I"ve uninstalled ZA, but still no internet. Actually reinstalled Windows, still no luck. Help!

    Operating System:Windows 98 (original)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    If you uninstalled ZA and lost your access, then the uninstall was not able to remove the firewall driver properly. If your browser goes to a site called, there are specific instructions to help you fix this problem. Otherwise, you can fax Zone Labs Support at 415-633-4589 (be sure to include a fax number or an email address that you can access and print from).

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    cfrattini Guest

    Default Re: Can't access web after uninstall

    I followed the instructions from lockup.zonelabs, still no luck! This message was on my pc after it had been idle for several hours: "Your computer was unable to reach a special network server (DHCP) to renew it's address" and "Your computer has lost the lease to it's IP network address. Network transactions can no longer be performed on the device."
    Is there anything else I can do?

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    Please follow the instructions here: had you uninstalled ZA?

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