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    julesgre Guest

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    I am using ZA Free with the latest update. I have tried several FTP Clients (FTP Explorer, FTP Wanderer, FTP Commander, etc.) and have listed them all in the Trusted Zone. I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 with its firewall off. Still, I cannot access any FTP site at all with any of them. The problem seems to be with ZA since I CAN connect when ZA is disabled. What do I need to do to access an FTP site?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    Go to Program Control > Programs and look for alg.exefrom the list.

    Switch everything to "?". Try to access the ftp site in question again.

    There should be a ZoneAlarm alert window saying that alg.exe wants to access the internet appears, click on "OK".

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    julesgre Guest

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    Thanks for replying. There is no alg.exe on my Program list. However, I have tried this with several FTP clients. In each instance I get the ZA message that "FTP whatever wants to contact etc." I allow it andnow have 4 different FTP prograqms in my Trusted Zone. In each I get a"Connection Error 300: Winsock error 10061" or "Winsock error Timeout [10035]" or just a simple "cannot connect" no matter which seerver I try to connect to. I can connect only when I disable ZoneAlarm.

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    bcarson Guest

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    alg.exe should be listed as "Application Gateway Layer Service" in your list of programs in ZA. I had this problem awhile ago and just had to correct it again to get FTP access. I just changed the setting in ZA to require it to ask (?) to allow the application gateway layer service and then tried to access an ftp site, when ZA asks for permission just allow it. It worked for me.HTH,B.C.

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