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Thread: All internet access blocked!

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    bazajade Guest

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    Hi,Two of my friends are currently trying to use Zone Alarm Free but when they try to open a browser or fetch emails they get a page cannot be displayed or an error saying email cannot be connected. They are both using different broadband ISP's so it can't be a problem with the ISP, and I have checked through all the settings for them and both of them have the settings correct - allowing internet explorer and outlook express etc to access the internet. The internet lock is not on - so why is this happening????? The only way they can get the internet to work is if they uninstall Zone Alarm as even shutting it down will not allow them to access the internet! I use Zone Alarm Pro and am not having a problem, so is this just a problem with the free version????? Hoping someone will help me to help my friends!!! P.S. one is using Microsoft Windows 98 and the other is using XP.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    bazajade Guest

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    HiI have tried that but it still doesn't work. Running out of ideas now - one is even considering buying a firewall of some description now as she doesn't want to access the internet without a firewall (other than Windows Firewall) running. Any new ideas would be good!Louise

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi Louise
    If you tried all that without success my advice is do a clean uninstall as said and install version 5.5.094 (with clean install). I've no doubts that you'll bee better served with version 5.5.094 then with the competition free products.
    Best regards

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