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Thread: Domain forwarding

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    angelfirexx Guest

    Default Domain forwarding

    I've purchased a domain name ( am pointing it to a subdomain on my website. All set up correctly but when I enter the domain name in the address bar the routing appears to be blocked. Domain registrar said the fault is with my system. I tried every possible permutation of Zonealarm settings but no luck. Switched off Zonelarm and used Windows Firewall instead and the forwarding worked fine.But... decided to clean install the latest version of zonealarm suite in case of corruption. Now the domain forwarding doesn't work with either zonealarm or windows firewall.Can anyone help?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    I clicked on your link with and without ZAP on and got the "page could not be found" dialog. It would seem to me it is an issue with the forwarding.

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    angelfirexx Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    Hi Bill - Thanks for trying the link. I reported what you said to the forwarding service. I think maybe the forwarding was temporarily down. They tested it again said it was ok. I tried again today, and am now back to the situation where it works with Windows firewall but not with Zonealarm. This is becoming quite an annoying problem! Any chance you could test the link again- ? I am just getting a blank page with an H. (If you switch off ZoneAlarm you may need to force a page refresh with Ctrl F5 otherwise you may get what is in the cache.)Linda

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    jimboathebeach Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding


    good news i guess, its not just you, happening to me as well. i have a few domains forwarded back to my main site. same issue with zone alarm suite 6.1.737. i have been running ZA for about a year and this used to work, seemed to stop working recently.

    i also get the big "H" when i try one of my forwarded domains, ie or

    as you found out, when i shut down ZA and try one of the forwarded domains it works. more info, when i start ZA back up it continues to work, but then after a while gives me the H again. upon reboot it is back to blocking the forwarded domain. i have tried it on another local PC not running ZA and it works fine.

    also no matter what changes i put into ZA it doesn't work, the only thing that seems to work is to completely shut down ZA

    ARGHH !!!


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    gksink Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    I am having the same problem. Can't reach forwarded domain and getting "H" on webpage. Works fine from other computers and with Zone Alarm turned off. The domain is forwarded through GoDaddy.

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    jimboathebeach Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    ditto on the domain fowarding through godaddy


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    gksink Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    This is most unusual.

    Can not access domains forwarded through GoDaddy with Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.1.737.000. Using IE6 you get a blank page with a "H" in the upper left corner. Turn off Zone Alarm and access is fine. Turn back on Zone Alarm and can still access the forwarded domain for about the next 30 minutes and then back to the web page with "H".
    I tried the link from jimboathebeach's post and it fails from my machine the same way. If I turn off Zone Alarm and access my forwarded domain and then turn Zone Alarm back on I can access both my forwarded domain and jimboathebeach's for the next 30 minutes. So it is not a just case of the web page being in the cache for 30 minutes.

    Any suggestions?

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    jimboathebeach Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    good recap

    same "H" for firefox 1.07

    does anyone have a forwarded domain other than through godaddy that we can test with ???

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    gksink Guest

    Default Re: Domain forwarding

    The original post in this thread from anglefirexx has the same problem with their webpage. I wonder if it is through GoDaddy also?

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    billc Guest

    Default An answer perhaps

    As fate would have it, I too use GoDaddy for hosting a domain name and use the forwarding feature. When checking my own forwarding, I too got the capital H in the upper left-hand corner when I used to get forwarded just fine. After testing with a trace route, I could see the GoDaddy servers. I'm running ZAP with only Mobile Code control turned on in Privacy. When I customized my URL in my Privacy Site list and turned off Mobile Code control, the forwarding worked fine with the ZAP firewall on.

    Something at GoDaddy has changed. I'm not sure what, but after reading all your posts, I'd like to know. It would occur to me that GoDaddy would like to know as well.

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