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    xxhcpsgamerxx Guest

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    After countless hours of "tech support" both Time Warner and Road Runner had no idea. In the last call they suggested ZoneAlarm may be the problem.

    I do not have a ethernet port so I plugged the ethernet into a usb adaptor:
    When a download is started, the starting speed is around 18KB/Secs then quickly drops to 5 or 6KB/Secs. Eventually the connection is lost completely which requires a reboot.
    According to both companies the cable modem and all tests they run come back perfect.

    I've tried shutting off zone alarm, turning off the Internet/Trusted security zones, allowing outgoing DHCP/DNS in both zones, and adding the IP address and DHCP address assigned to me.

    When I try using the usb connector (not ethernet):
    The computer recognizes the hardware as a toshiba usb cable modem and installs the driver off of the "Time Warner Cable High Speed Installer CD". It then comes up with 2 unknown devices that contain no drivers on that CD nor the Windows 98 CD. The cable modem does not illuminate the light which would convey that the modem is connected to the PC. The PC does not receive a connection.

    Is this zone alarm's fault?
    Is this type of modem not supported?/Should I inquire TW for a different brand?
    Are there drivers somewhere online to get the USB connector working?
    Why is the ethernet connector acting up?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Message Edited by xxhcpsgamerxx on 12-10-2005 10:26 PM

    Operating System:Windows 98 (original)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi xxhcpsgamerxx
    I'm afraid ZA doesn't no longer support windows 98, only starting in 98SE.
    Best regards

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