Hi,I have been a user of Zone Alarm products for many years without any problems. Recently I upgraded to Zone Alarm Security Suite 60-601-003 from Zone Alrm Pro of the same (latest version), at the time. I switched because I was finally fed up with Norton Anti Virus. Shortly after the install I was informed of an update to 60-667-000 and then another at 61-737-000 and then it was when my problems started happening. When I was downloading a larger file and the speed slowed I would get kicked out of the download and I would loose internet connection completely. I tried to close Zone Alarm to get it back but nothing would retrieve my connection except rebooting. I would even try to release and renew the ip but it would notrespond to that either. I went to another antivirus until I figured out what was wrong. I read all the posts in here that concerned loosing internet connection and did all the items that were mentioned. Nothing helped. My son came for Xmas and said that he had a similar problem and just went back to an earlier version and everything was fine. I did that with Zone Alarm Pro to the 60.667.000 and everything seems fine. I am going to try the Security Suite at that version as I still have it and turn off the automatic update as I did in this issue. Seems fine! I hope that it will work for Security Suite as well, as that is the one I really wanted and liked. I spent days trying to figure out the problem and had wished I knew about backing up to an older version until those items get fixed in another version. I am writing this to help others out that can save them the time in their own issues. Merry Xmas!

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0