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Thread: Can't Access Email with Zone Alarm Internet Suite

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    knockmyles Guest

    Default Can't Access Email with Zone Alarm Internet Suite

    I have just downloaded and installed Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (about two weeks ago.)Since then, I cannot get my email to work. I have tried different email software programs - Thunderbird, MS Outlook and Eudora. I have also tried many configurations on Zone Alarm settings. Nothingworks !I can get the email to upload or download if I deactivate Zone Alarm system. As soon as I turn it on again, the firewall prevents a connection to my mail server.Further info. I am using Windows XP fully updated, I also use MS Spyware and Spybot. My PC is an Intel based system.I am surprised that Zone Labs are selling this product as it is clearly not fit for its stated purposeHas anyone got any suggestions on how to work around this

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Can't Access Email with Zone Alarm Internet Suite

    First go to your ZASS Programs List, right click on your e-mail client, then click to 'remove it. Now open it again and try to check for mail. You should get a ZASS Program 'allow' and the 'remember this' box. Then on the Programs list, make sure the 'send mail' box is checked. Also make sure you have granted Generic Host Process 'access' in both zones and 'server' rights in the Trusted zone.You could also try putting your Mail Server IP in the Trusted Zone of your Zones panel of ZASS. (if you need instructions, let me know).

    BTW, what version of ZASS are you using?

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    bjjmadmonkey Guest

    Default Re: Can't Access Email with Zone Alarm Internet Suite

    Well, I too am having email access issues...I've tried your recommendations and still haven't been able to access Thunderbird nor OE. Nevertheless, I deactivated my ZASS and reactivated my AVGAA 7.1 thereby, allowing me to respond and get verification to/for the email response ZA sent me so that I could get on this user forum and now my computer is back to normal. I've always trusted and loved the free version of ZA but this ZASS seems to **bleep**! Glad I tried the trial version before being **bleep**ered into the payware. I'll try to get it working if in fact there is something you could do that might do that would cause ZASS to behave and play with my other progams nicely!

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