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Thread: Intermittent internet access failure.

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    davemidgley Guest

    Default Intermittent internet access failure.

    I have 2 PCs, one running Windows 98 the other running Windows XP SP2. They are networked through a Netgear DG834 router which also provides broadband (ADSL) internet access. Both computers run ZoneAlarm.For some time after setting up the system I had a major problem with intermittent internet access failure - access to the web and to the e-mail server suddenly stopped and the only way to get it going again was to restart the system. It eventually became clear that this was a DNS problem, and I tried all sorts of things, includinghard-specifyingthe DNS IP address in Windows, or in the router, both of which seemed to work, but were not very satisfactory solutions.I eventually discovered that the problem was in fact caused by ZoneAlarm, and that the solution is to add the router itself to the trusted zone. Once I did this everything ran smoothly and has done ever since.This appears to be an XP related problem as the W98 machine never had the problem. Whether it is directly related to the DG834 I cannot say, but I do know someone else with an identical setup who had the identical problem, so it is not a one-off.As far as I am aware there is no reason why the router should have to be be added to the trusted zone. I am also not sure why, if it does need to be in the trusted zone, the consequences of not adding it should be so sporadic and unpredictable. Certainly ZA gave no messages to indicate that there was a problem. However I am no expert on networking or internet protocols, I only know that the problem was linked with the dynamic DNS system.I am not looking for an answer to this problem, as I seem to have found a satisfactory solution. I simply offer it a) to anyone who may be having the same problem, and b) to ZoneLabs, as it does appear to be a bug (if it is not a bug, but in some way correct behaviour, then some sort of message to give the user a clue would seem to be indicated). If they require further information I would be happy to provide it.Dave

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    rlhar Guest

    Default Re: Intermittent internet access failure.

    I am experiencing the same/similiar problem. I have an XP2 Home Edition desktop and a XP2 laptop - networked via a wireless Linksys router. All worked great, no problems for a year or so. Then the desktop would started losing internet access, when left running over night. The wireless laptop would still run OK. I also found out that I could go to https:// (secure sites) but not email or http:// sites. If I restart the system it works fine. I contacted Linksys and they gave me a set of diagnostics to go through. The first of which was to go from the cable modem directly to the desktop (when the system was not connecting to the internet) to see if it corrected the problem, which it did -- therefore the assumption was the problem was the Linksys router. I went through all the other diagnostics, none corrected the problem. By chance I decided to diable ZoneAlam (I do no run ZoneAlarm on my laptop) and the desktop connected to the internet -- thus the problem is in ZoneAlarm, not the Linksys router.I have been watching this News Group for several days. I saw one that said to add the router IP to ZoneAlarm trused zone. I checked, and I had the router IP/Subnet Mask ( already there. So I still have the ZoneAlarm problem.FYI I have disabled ZA and using only the XP Firewall.In reading you note, I also need to enter the DNS Server to the ZA trusted zone -- I looked a my Network Connection Detail and added24.25.5.150 to the ZA trusted zone. I also went to Internet Explorer Tursted Zones and added the router IP ( and the DNS Server ( I taken the correct steps in adding the DNS Server to ZA Trusted Zones and the Router IP and DNS Server to XP Trusted Zones?Thanks, **bleep**

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    davemidgley Guest

    Default Re: Intermittent internet access failure.

    You have misunderstood, or I didn't make myself clear. I did not add the DNS server address to the trusted zones - I don't think that would have any effect, and anyway the DNS server address can change.I simply added the router address to the trusted zone - in my case the router is and the two PCs are and .3. Each PC has an entry for the other in the trusted zone to allow them to access each other, and I added the router address (.0) to both. This theoretically allows the router to access the PC, though, as I say, I have no idea why this should be necessary.I would expecta single subnet entry of to have the same effect, so your entry of should work for your system (I would have made it, but I don't think it makes any difference).If that hasn't solved the problem then I can only assume that you have a different problem.Sorry I can't be more help.

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    rlhar Guest

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    Dave, -- thanks for reply -- in below email your router is 11.1 and later say it is .0 -- confused on what you mean. Only IP address I know how to find is by going to Control Panel / Network Conntections and it says IP The entry of in ZA trusted zone -- I do not think I did this - ZA during setup must have done it. The IP entry in my laptop is Both have Default Gateway as Should the laptop IP be in the ZA Trusted Zone of the desktop? How do I find out the IP to the desktop?Copy of email replyI simply added the router address to the trusted zone - in my case the router is and the two PCs are and .3. Each PC has an entry for the other in the trusted zone to allow them to access each other, and I added the router address (.0) to both. This theoretically allows the router to access the PC, though, as I say, I have no idea why this should be necessary.Thanks, **bleep**

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    davemidgley Guest

    Default Re: Intermittent internet access failure.

    You're quite right, a typing error, my router is indeed, and this is the address I added to ZA trusted zone to solve my problem. Sorry.I'm puzzled about your entry. ZA normally puts in one entry automatically - for the network adapter itself which would have Entry Type: Adapter Subnet and Zone: Internet, and is named after the network adapter (mine says "Intel(r) PRO/1000 MT Network Connection - Packet Scheduler Miniport"). You say yours is Trusted zone not Internet zone soI don't understand that.I always get the IP address of a PC by typing IPCONFIG at a command prompt. I couldn't find it on Control Panel / Network Connections, but I'm sure the result is the same.In order to allow one computer to access another (a shared folder, for instance) you would have to tell ZA to allow the access byadding a trusted zone entry forthe other PC either by adding an entry for each PC on the network, or, easier for large networks, adding a range of IPs. If you don't do this then ZA will block access from the other PC(s) - that's what it's for, after all&lt;g&gt;.It sounds like your computer is and your laptop is, but I don't know what address your router has (on mine you put the router IP address into a browser in order to access the router setup, is it the same on yours?). I would guess it is or (the Netgear allocates 0 in the last octet by default but I was advised that this is slightly dangerous so I changed it to 1 - at one time I thought this was the cause of the problem, but it wasn't). In any event, if you haven't changed it the router instructions should tell you what the default is.Hope that helps.Dave

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    krblade Guest

    Default Re: Intermittent internet access failure.

    I have been having a similar problem for the past couple of months (maybe the last two upgrades?), but it is not a router problem...i haven't had my PC hooked up to a router for a few months now and have been having this problem...when the PC sits overnight, I loose internet access...I have to turn off ZA in order to get it back, but I don't have to restart.I just hooked up a new Netgear router this past weekend and uninstalled and installed ZA and I am still having the problem...hence why i'm here...Anybody been able to correct this...I've never had any problems with ZA and have been using it for years. I'm thinking its a bug in one of the last 2 or 3 updates.Any help would be appreciated...Windows firewall is working ok, but it is not as good as ZAThanks

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    davemidgley Guest

    Default Re: Intermittent internet access failure.

    You're stretching my knowledge now, but if it's of any help, as I remember, the way I eventually diagnosed the problem as being DNS-based was to clear the DNS cache. Windows since W2000 implements a local DNS cache, which can be viewed with IPCONFIG /DISPLAYDNS. I discovered that the problem could be 'forced' by flushing the cache (IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS) - without a router entry in ZA as soon as I did this internet access immediately died. Then if I put the router IP address into ZA Trusted Zone it immediately sprang back into life. It was quite repeatable.Hope that helps.Dave

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