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Thread: Components Resetting Itself?

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    dferolie Guest

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    Can anyone explain why several of the "Components" keeps resetting itself after each and every start up? Under the "Component" section of Zone alarm, you have the option to either click on a check mark or click for an "X". Many of the components designated for "X" will show as a "check mark" after each start up session. Consequently, I am forced to re-check all items that I want to be marked as "X". Does anyone know why this happens?

    Operating System:Windows 98 (original)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm with Web Filtering
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Components Resetting Itself?

    I'm a bit confused (so what else is new). If I go to my Program Control > Components tab, my chooses are 'allow' or 'ask'. Could you mean the Programs list? BTW, what version of ZA are you using ? What you posted doesn't exsist. You might like to know that if it is a ZA 6.0 version or higher, it is not supported by Win 98 (original). If you got it to work, then I'd not worry.

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    nevbacon Guest

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    The reason that you can't block those components outright is that ZoneAlarm has to allow these Microsoft, Adobe, et al, components to spy on you. Simple. Why else would we not be given ultimate control over what actually gets out of our system? So, you can basically bank on information that you didn't even know mattered to these people getting to them. I mean I see that the windows spooler (winspool.drv) driver, adobe xmp toolkit (huh?), are constantly allowed internet access. For what? This is a component that has absolutely no need to access the internet, or be accessed. But it does. Hmmm... Silly us. Actually trusting that a security company will do what it says. does what MS, adobe, norton, Google (screwgle - watch, they'll remove the post because of this. Oh, and because I'm telling the truth), et al. That means, and more. More companies can get in and see what you're doing. Zone alarm is just another example of the opiate of the masses. What it looks like is this. Viruses exist so that people will buy software that makes it easier to spy on us. Virus software indexes every component on a computer and updates that index regularly so any changes are logged. Compression makes it possible for these things indices to be so small that they can actually get them off of a mchine rather quickly without mmost people noticing. And how do we know where these things are? We don't. So these geniuses of greed have basically all information that they want from us. Ain't that nice. A techno-dragnet. Set your machine up for auto update and you further ease the process.

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Components Resetting Itself?

    I would refer you to my post here:

    Summary: By putting Program Control to Medium (the default) - you are instructing ZoneAlarm to trust ANY component that is loaded (and therefore mark it with a green tick) until such time as you are ready to put Program Control to High.

    With Program Control at High, any new component will cause an alert (Allow or Deny). If you deny, the program using the component will not be allowed to access the network until it is shut down and restarted.

    If the default setting was Program Control at High you would get hundreds of component alerts from the moment you installed Zonealarm, making the feature pointless. It has to learn what components are on the system first, then it can watch for new ones. Otherwise they are all "new".

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