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Thread: C&C Generals and ZeroHour

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    leifgm Guest

    Default C&C Generals and ZeroHour

    C&C Generals and ZeroHour,I havegiven these programs the permission that ZA sec suite asks and unable to contact multiple players online 1v1 seems to work ok but any more then one person and its a no show I have port forwarded the modem/router d-link504g and given permission to the game.dat files and even open the ports in internet firewall (as i noticed ZA blocked some of them in the log files) and still unable to play.My friends are able to hosts games and their games show up quick in the lobbies but mine take forever to show up in lobbie and then they cant connect to me,,,,we isolated that it is me by trying diff combo's of ppl and sadly im unable to enjoy my games the way I would like to.One of my friends have ZA free and just gave permission when asked and he has no trouble but mine is not doing the same please help?amd64 3500+2g ramx800 toxicsb 2zsraid 0d-link 504g modem/router

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    wolfhidn Guest

    Default Re: C&C Generals and ZeroHour

    I have the same problem with veitcong. Does your friend have a router or does he connect his computer directly to the internet? Zonealarm is a software firewall but the router is a hardware firewall...

    Let me know, I still need help and info about veitcong.

    oh.. btw.. I found this txt on thier support forum but im not sure how to check my linksys router or Zonealarm on how to enable the ports. (Plz take note) When I used to connect directly to my friend online I put in his IP#:5425

    Since he installed zone alarm he cant host the game because he cant give us the correct IP address. The Same thing happend to me when I installed zone alarm. (I used to host every game, heh)

    We've both checked our IP address. With ipconfig, grc's page, ipchicken, etc.. *in previous treads*

    Any help would be very appreciated. Veitcong is kind of a ritual weekend game with my friends to blow off steam.

    ******** Veitcong support text ********
    134) What port(s) do I need to open up to host a game? I need to open it in my firewall ...

    At a minimum, you need to open the following TCP/UDP ports for your firewall: 5425 and 15425. See below. The GameSpy server uses port 28900.

    3783 (Voice Chat Port for LAN use)
    27900 (Master Server UDP Heartbeat)
    28900 (Master Server List Request)
    29900 (GP Connection Manager)
    29901 (GP Search Manager)
    13139 (Custom UDP Pings)
    15425 (Vietcong Server)
    6515 (Dplay UDP)
    6500 (Query Port)
    5425 (Default VC port)

    **** END ****


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    leifgm Guest

    Default Re: C&C Generals and ZeroHour

    no the modems firewall is turned off as zonealarm is installed and does the job a little to well hehe :P i put my lan address in the DMZ zone in my modem and turned of zonealarm and enabled xp firewall while i play it seems to work,,,,,i noticed though when i try to host generals is blocked in zonealarm logs its a TCP;S flag so i guess these flags are like a intrusion for zonealarm to stop them, i read the port forwarding info from ea/westwood but it doesnt make any sence at all as zonealarm reports totally different ports being attempted by generals,and as i have put my pc in the dmz zone in my modem i dont need to port forward the modem,,,But the strange thing is i cant understand about zonealarm is that if u give the program fully trusted and all ticks to trusted and internet as a server it still blocks it. ive done the ea/westwood ports they recommend on zonealarm and yeah as i said earlier it use's different ones each time.zonealarm is great firewall but yeah its getting a little to great for the novice player to get online gaming access, as out my group of friends im the one most pc knowledged i'd hate to try to work this out if i had totally no idea about pc's maybe zone alarm needs to focus on some easier program access rights to assign as the online gaming world is always growing.

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