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    wolfhidn Guest

    Default Finding IP ?


    I just perswaded my friend to buy Zone alarm and he loves it! However, we have a problem with a game we play.

    Veitcong plays and sees internet games. We used to connect directly to his IP. He'd just go to /ipconfig and find it. After he installed zone alarm he cant find the correct IP Number.

    How can you find the TRUE ip number of your computer when running zone alarm? Any help would be nice.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?

    You can use site such as IPChicken to tell your WAN side(internet) IP:

    You can also use the front page of Steve Gibson't ShieldsUP! test to tell youe WAN IP too:

    Take note that of course if you are using a proxy server, these sites will report the IP of the proxy server.

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    wolfhidn Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?

    I've tried both of those sites and finding the right IP to connect to directly isnt working. How can you find the actuall IP if those pages dont work?


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    gerard_konijn Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?

    And this one? regards, Gerard Konijn. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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    wolfhidn Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?

    Nope, These pages dont work when trying to find my IP for some reason. What I did was I wrote down my IP from those pages (they were the same) and started an internet game with vietcong.

    Next I tried to direct connect to the IP from my other computer. Wouldnt work for some reason. I can see other internet games and I know that this game used to work on my friends computer before installing zone alarm. He used to be our server every time we played a private game.

    Any more help would be appreciated. I already tried the pages below:


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    cartographe Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?


    So, is ZA installed on the computer that acts as the server? If yes, don't forget to give the program (vietcong) server rights or it will block incoming connections from the clients or you can add manually the different ip addresses you wish to accept connections from.

    As far as finding your ip address, ipconfig should work because it queries the lan card itself (hardware). A software firewall works at a superior layer and should not affect this type of query. If you're behind a router you'll get your network ip not your wan ip. To get your wan ip you need to either access your router's firmware or use one of the websites mentioned above. Thanks.

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    j_d_griff Guest

    Default Re: Finding IP ?

    Try using . Setting up your personal computer on ( up to 5 free web addresses ) allows some one to find you with an address like or or some such name.There is a small program (DUC) that pings and finds your dynamic address. It is downloadable from their web site.

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