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Thread: Problems with McAfee VirusScan updates

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    rdentz Guest

    Default Problems with McAfee VirusScan updates

    I am having a problem updating my DAT files. I use McAfee VirusScan version 10. The automatic update feature does not work and when I try to manually update, I get an error message saying it cannot connect to the internet. However, if I shut down Zonealarm, it works fine. Thus I think the problem is with ZoneAlarm. I am using ZoneAlarm version 6.0.667.000. McAfee was working fine until recently with ZoneAlarm. I tried entering www. and into my trusted sites. That did not work. I do not want to periodically disable ZoneAlarm in order to update my Virus Definitions. Please help.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Problems with McAfee VirusScan updates

    Remove every McAfee component from ZA's program list (will take a bit of work). Then wait for an automatic update (I understand McAfee's automatic update program is different from the manual update one). ZA should prompt you to give McAfeee's component access when it runs to check for update. Allow it into the internet zone. Hopefully that should work.

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