I own Visual Studio 2005 and Enterprise Architect. Two separate programs that can be linked with an Application called MDG Integrate. MDG integrate allows you to open up Enterprise Architect within Visual Studio. It also allows you to view a general information page within Visual Studio and on this page there is a help screen.

With my Zonelabs Internet Security Suite On I cannot access the help pages within EA/VS I keep getting a "page not found error". With Zonelabs Suite off from boot up I get full access to the help function. Even when typing and opening the address in Firefox I get a "page not found error"

When Zonelabs is blocking my access to the help pages, EA is running at 97% in the back ground but not getting anywhere (i have to kill the process). It would therefore appear that EA needs some sort of access rights. I have given it full access (all the ticks, even send mail) but this has no effect. I have given both the MDG Integrate Application and VS the same rights but to no effect.

I am thinking that I need to give one or all of the above apps access to port 1200. I am guessing thats what localhost:1200 means.

How do I go about this in the Security Suite and is this dangerous (from an intruder point of view).

Thanking you in advance.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0