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Thread: Continual broadcasting to every port

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    laer Guest

    Default Continual broadcasting to every port

    Win98SE, 4 port router, highspeed modem
    I'm getting continual alerts (originating from the IP of my router) of it trying to broadcast to each of my PC's ports (one after the other)... Often it's to port 162, I think.
    Any ideas what that might be?
    (Research has shown it MIGHT be the router or outside source trying to determine what protocols I'm using in my network).
    If the source is the IP of my router, does that mean it's just my router, or can it still be some outside (internet) source that's simply passing through my router?

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:2.x

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Continual broadcasting to every port

    It's just your router being chatty with your computer and really nothing I'd worry about. It is not originating from the internet.

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    laer Guest

    Default Re: Continual broadcasting to every port

    Hi, Bill.
    So, if I get an alert where the source is the IP of my router, I can safely assume it's my router doing the talking, and not some internet source talking through the router?

    It was odd (and seemed virus/hacker-like), as I would now get one alert after another (like popup windows) of each port being accessed...

    Just want to make sure, as just previous to that, I had some 'blank' program trying to access the internet (...ZA would ask my permission, with a blank for the name), and regardless of how many times I said no (and even clicked on 'Remember Answer'), it would pop up, over and over within a second.
    Did that all morning, so I was a little concerned someone/something was trying to get in... scanning all the ports, etc.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Continual broadcasting to every port

    About the router question, yes I'm sure it is your chatty router. About the "blank" program, I'd suggest you go to your Programs List in ZA, right click on it, then click to 'remove' it and now see if it comes back. Usually these "blank" program alerts are false alarms caused by a temp file on steroids or a corrupt ZA database.... they usually are not malicious.

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