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Thread: Odd network trouble (ZA residue?...)

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    laer Guest

    Default Odd network trouble (ZA residue?...)

    I am running a 3 PC home network through a 4 port router going to a highspeed modem.
    Each PC is running a different O/S (evil, I know...).
    Win2000, Win98SE, and WinXPPro.
    Worked fine for years (though the network was sometimes random...
    PC's appearing/disappearing... most likely due to the different O/S's trying to talk).
    Recently, however, the Win2000 machine stopped working on the network.
    Tried a whole bunch of things (swapping hardware, reinstalling, reconfiguring, testing, etc)...
    Varying degrees of success and failure...
    Lost all connections at one point, but now I'm 'almost there'... which unfortunately was where I was when I started...
    Here's the deal...
    Wondering if it could be some sort of ZA residue, and if not, perhaps I could get some theories from you guys anyway...
    All machines are seen by the router (listed in the DHCP client table), yet Win2000 PC gets a timed out error if router or other PC's are ping'd.
    Win2000 set up with Client For Microsoft, TCP/IP (set for dynamic IP addressing), and File Sharing.
    I'm kind of at a loss why it's doing this.
    Wondering if anyone could help.
    Thought it might be something left over from ZA blocking it...
    I read somewhere something about 'minilog' sometimes causing problems...
    Any theories?
    Thanks in advance...

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:2.x

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Odd network trouble (ZA residue?...)

    Do any of the machines currently have ZA installed or did they have ZA installed? If you hook the Win2000 machine directly to the modem without the router, does it access the net ok then? Have you tried disconnecting the machine from the router, shutdown the machine, reboot the router, reconnect the machine, and then boot it?

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