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    Hello. Iam confused as to how I should utilize this feature. Under the Email Protection/Junk-Email Filter/ then click the Advanced Radio button that window pops up. Under the Challenges Tab; I then click on the Email Server Radio button. That's where I am stuck. I try all kinds of combinations but to no avail. What do I put in that SMTP Server Box? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    kkken Guest

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    <div align="left">&gt;
    the Email Server.... That's where I am stuck. I try
    all kinds of<div align="left">&gt;combinations but to no avail. What do I put in that SMTP Server Box?<div align="left">
    <div align="left">First, I hope you're using Outlook or OE, or else you can ignore the Junk E-mail Filter. I don't use them, but here's what I learned from the embedded help on the dialogs, and by clicking on that blue link near the top right of each Advanced panel that says, in a tiny voice, &quot;help&quot;.<div align="left">
    <div align="left">Since you're using Outlook (or OE), the E-mail Server dialog should have
    shown a pre-set name in the editable SMTP Server field it when you first opened it. It got that from Outlook. It would be the same as what you've got set in Outlook to send e-mail to the great beyond. Since you've changed it
    while experimenting, click on Restore Default Setting and it'll dig up whatever you're using in Outlook again. Then check it
    Send Test E-mail...
    (Hey, that's pretty cool!)<div align="left">
    <div align="left">Or do it through the ZASS junk filter toolbar in
    Outlook like the docs say.<div align="left">
    <div align="left">So, back to &quot;how I should utilize this feature?&quot;
    It's too bad the tech writers couldn't have mentioned the term, &quot;Challenge/Response (C/R) anti-spam strategy&quot;,
    right up front, because that's what this seems to be, plain and simple.
    Maybe you've even received a
    e-mail from a friend's C/R service. Type
    &quot;challenge/response&quot; into your favourite search engine and you'll get enough hits to choke a horse. Do read the top hits.
    C/R is nothing new, and there are some well-known configuration &quot;issues&quot; if you use any automated e-mail services such as newsletters. For example: and
    , The paragraphs about C/R at
    is a good general caution if you don't want to get unsubscribed.

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    psycho_active Guest

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    Huh...That's interesting. No, I don't use Outlook. I generally use Hotmail and/or Gmail. So I guess that will exclude me from using this feature eh?

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