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Thread: how to config zone alarm

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    coonsanders Guest

    Default how to config zone alarm

    is there a way to config zone alarm so it wont interfere with my cd burning process or do i need a router?


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    jarvis Guest

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    Is it interfering with your CD burning now, or are you just worried that it might do? Most modern CD drives are burn-proof and a modern PC burning to a non-burn-proof should have enough grunt to keep the buffer full, even with other applications running.

    Still, if you're worried I would advise you to go to Alerts and Logs --> Main and turn off Firewall alerts. That way, you won't be getting a pop-up that Zone Alarm has blocked packets, but the packets will be logged still.

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    coonsanders Guest

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    it stopped the burning process as i was doing a pre allerts it just said the burning process has failed.i stopped the zone alarm firewall and it worked fine.i made 2 cds with it off.


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    coonsanders Guest

    Default Re: how to config zone alarm

    i just went to the alert and logs and the firewall alerts are already off.


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    rjherrema Guest

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    This is a little late, but maybe it will help someone else.
    I have a Sony VAIO running ZA Security Suite and have experienced the same symptoms as coonsanders.
    Since installing ZA, I have tried to burn music CDs with SonicStage (Sony app) and Media Player 10.
    Both failed, though I have used both in the past (before ZA) successfully.

    I changed the following settings for SonicStage, and have now burned a CD successfully: Program Control|Programs|SonicStage Trust Level set to "Super" (3 green bars), and within the Options (button on lower right) for SonicStage on the Security tab, I checked these 2 items:This program may use other programs to access the InternetAllow Application Interaction
    Were all 3 necessary to allow burning?
    I don't know - didn't try them individually to see exactly what combination was necessary.
    Just glad that it works now.

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