Hi -

I am a computer consultant who assists home-based users. Among my services, I install ZoneAlarm on my clients' computers to help protect them. I also use Timbuktu (remote control software) to help service and update my clients remotely.

THE PROBLEM: Recent versions of ZoneAlarm disable ALL remote mouse clicks and remote keystrokes whenever a ZoneAlarm window (Main, alert, etc.) pops up on the screen.

I realize the purpose of this "feature" is to keep RAT attackers from disabling the program. Unfortunately, it's now hampering me from assisting my clients.

Is there a registry change that I can use to disable this "feature?"

I'd hate to have to dump ZoneAlarm, but that's what's going to happen if I can't find another solution.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

-Brian H.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.0