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Thread: Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

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    zenweb Guest

    Default Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

    Graphics appear as "x" missing links. Many ZAP users have experienced this but it hasn't been addressed on this forum. Yes, I put eBay on my Privacy/Site List. It doesn't help.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

    If you added eBay to your site list, locate the entry on your Site List, right click on it, then select 'options'. Next go through all three tabs to uncheck everything that is checked clicking 'apply' as you go through each tab. Now clean your cache and try the site again.

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    zenweb Guest

    Default Re: Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

    That did it. You're a genius Bill. Thanks!

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    wirefire Guest

    Default Images not ya go!

    In Privacy Site List, Allow web bugs on - should help the eBay no-images did mine, when nothing else worked!!!

    Good Luck!

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    zapit Guest

    Default Re: Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

    I have that many sites I visit now have graphics blocked by ZAP. Am I going to have to go into the Privacy setting for everyone of those sites? My bandwidth seems to be throttled down as well, all happening with my upgrade to ZAP6. What's up?

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    Default Re: Why is eBay blocked in ZAP 6?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>zapit wrote:
    I have that many sites I visit now have graphics blocked by ZAP. Am I going to have to go into the Privacy setting for everyone of those sites?....
    No, you can configure Privacy to allow everything:Privacy &gt; Main &gt; Custom &gt; Cookies and configure the way you want default to be.

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    darian Guest

    Default Re: Images not ya go!

    Bill is correct with his solution only You have to repeat the process for all the other sites associated with ebay on your site list. Asper Bills instructions I personally had to uncheck all the options ...just to get the homepage to show everything. Ebay uses frames so you have to allow access for every site loaded into every frame of ebays main page and possibly subsequent pages.Darian

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    pbbob Guest

    Default Re: Images not ya go!

    This started out as request for help and ends as a partial solution having been found.

    I too have a problem accessing many eBay (USA) listings (e.g. 7585570018) that seems to have appeared in the last few days. I have been using ZAP 6.1.737.00 since it came out. I don't know if it is a ZAP, Windows update or eBay change (eBay denies that of course) that is causing my problem. I have a 5 mbps link from my ISP, so things are generally very snappy!

    The listing appears to load, but "hangs", almost always trying to access according to the load link message at the bottom of the browser. I have been using Firefox 1.07 for the last 6 months with no updates nor problems, so that is not likely the cause.

    If I use Windows IE 6.0.2900.2180 XP SP2, the same listings also hang on download, but now with the problem link usually being Opening page It is a bit strange that the problem links differ. Eventually (after perhaps 30-60 seconds) the page will complete downloading in IE.

    Another unusual thing about the download (with both browsers) is that after a whole bunch of things download from various locations in a couple of seconds, the downlink monitor at the bottom of the browser momentarily says "Done" and the listing appears complete. Within a second, additional items try to DL and it hangs in about a second.

    I have added all the files mentioned above and any other eBay files I suspect to ZAP/Privacy/Site List and enabled all 6 columns to no avail.

    If I turn off BOTH Cookie Control and Ad Blocking in ZAP/Privacy/Main (or turn off ZAP completely), the problem goes away. With the above Off, I can enable Windows XP Firewall, and the listings load correctly.

    With the slight difference in browsers, I discovered if I go to Firefox/Options/Web Features/Block Pop Up Windows and Allow, then I can use ZAP with Cookies and AD Blocking at HIGH with Foxfire.

    Windows IE still has a problem, even after allowing and under IE/Tools/ Options/Privacy to Setting and Popup Blocker. The only way I found to have it work well, is to disable the ZAP Firewall.

    I guess you know what browser I will be using. :-)

    Any ideas?

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    ronk Guest

    Default Re: Images not ya go!

    I'm also having a very similar problem with Ebay. Using firefox, (Adblock Plus), along with with older version of ZAP (one that would not crash my system). In my case IE6 works fine, but firefox needs to have all the ZAP privacy controls turned off. Otherwise it will just hang waiting for something. It seems as though after about 5 minutes, some of the pages with lots of images will load. Tried entering all the sites (listed on the ff status bar) into ZAP Privacy url list. Gave up as there are too many off site urls associated with some of the items or longer search lists. Still much prefer to use firefox. The add ons for it though often have bugs.
    Trying to tighten up security on Windows seems to create endless problems and side effects that are hard to debug. So I'll just live with turning off more zonealarm features to get around things.

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    Default Re: Images not ya go!

    Have you tried using the privacy advisor?
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