ZA 6.1.737.000

Unless I turn program control/main Program Control to OFF, I cannot access internet with IE. No access with Low Med High at all. Reset to defaults, gave IE "super" access, opened all ports for IE, turned off privacy, parental, authenticate components, email protection. Turned on allow interaction, other programs. Set all programs & components to "ask" (denied no programs). Nothing seems to work. I had not changed anything since IE started working again (below). It is definately ZA since as soon as I set Program Control to OFF... I reopen IE, Zoom, away we go in IE.

I am using Firefox to post this question. I have no problem with Firefox (never have), only IE. This seems to be intermittent. It happened a month ago also. I did everything above including uninstall/reinstall IE, but nothing worked. About a week later IE started working again. Now it doesn't work once again.

Any suggestions? I read the posts in this group and find nothing that looks like a fix. I would rather just use Firefox, but that isn't a solution for many websites.



Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.1