Hi guys how are you all.

Newayz i got a problem with Anti-virus Personal accessing the internet to update. It used to be able to update fine till i got the newst verson of ZA and now it can no longer access the net to update. I have got it in the program control to access the internet but it never is able to connect. But as soon as i turn off ZA i can update then have to boot ZA back up. I cannot figure out why it is doing so.

Its been doing this for a month or two i just havnt really complained till now.

Every other program can access the internet i got no problem with accessing it its just Anti-virus Personal.

Any help will be great

Thanks guys

O and BTW my ZA is the latest verson as when ever i try to update it sayz im up to date. It is also the free verson that u just download not ZA pro


Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm (Free)

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