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Thread: ICS problem with ZA

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    cim Guest

    Default ICS problem with ZA

    Im running home network with gate desktop computer and notebook. Both with ZA Pro 6.1 on Win XP SP2. I have set up ICS and file-sharing and everything works - when ZA is OFF. After turning it on, everything still works - for few minutes. I have done all the necessary settings - put the subnet into trusted zone, and set on both firewalls the ISC client/gate setting in main tab - advanced window.
    After few minutes, i cannot acces web from the client computer. But it looks like some services works. ICQ clinet on the notebook is connected. I can acces the web again, when i turn off ZA on GATE computer - it must be blocking it, but ther is no log about it.
    What is the problem?
    Thanx, Cim

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ICS problem with ZA

    Do you have your DNS and DHCP server IP's in the Trusted zone on your gateway computer and the IP of the client computer in the same Trusted zone?

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    cim Guest

    Default Re: ICS problem with ZA

    Yes, thank you. After i posted the question, i tried this (i put DNS in trusted zone), and it worked.

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    mickcox Guest

    Default Re: ICS problem with ZA

    First of all, open command prompt and type ipconfg/all. Note your DNS servers (eg. Open ZoneAlarm - Firewall - Zones and add - IP
    Range. Select trusted as the zone. In the first IP Address, enter the first three numbers of your DNS servers and 0 as the fourth number (eg. In the second IP Address, again, enter the first three numbers of your DNS servers followed by 255 as the fourth number (eg. Add a description of your choice then click OK and Apply. As long as your network is included in the trusted zone and the host computer
    is set as an ICS/NAT gateway, your client computers should now be able to access the Internet.

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    cim Guest

    Default Re: ICS problem with ZA

    i have known the solution some time, and it has been working (both ICS and file sharing in local network).

    Now I'm facing more confusing problem.
    Everything works only about few minutes, then the internet is not accesible NIETHER from the client computer, NOR from the gateway.
    File sharing is working.
    (It helps if i disconect and conect again the client, BUT only few more minutes, and then i have to do it again and again.)


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