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Thread: Restricted access

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    csid Guest

    Default Restricted access

    I had the usual bad luck while installing re-installing zonealarm pro, power failure.
    The computer could boot up again but I has no access to internet or e-mail at all.
    so removed zonealarm on the old fashion way, manual.
    The only cul^prit I had was: unable to remove the legacy keys but as soon when vsmon
    was disable, no problem.

    This turnd out to be the right approach , meaning, e-mail and internet did work so
    tried to re-install Zonealarm but install took ages ...harddisk led just blinked
    every second or so during the configuration of Zonealarm pro. After 9 minutes!! the system

    Computer starts up fine, e-mail works, internet works but with a WEIRD restriction.
    Firefox v1.5 can not access *any* google server. The lycos, yahoo and so on
    load perfect as with any other website.

    It's not a provider problem cause the other computer (also zonealarm on) has access
    to any google server.

    So, something seems to be messed up.

    If I uninstall Zonealarm pro, then problem is fixed, so firefox can access google again.
    Re-install Zonealarm pro , google servers gone and this is confirmed by the commands
    ping and tracert.

    Conclusing : full internet access, except google.
    I just installed zonealarm and gave permission as soon when an application want's internet
    access so no additional firewall rules yet.

    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    Windowsupdate refuses also to work.
    But this might be caused by connection problems.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    Have you tried cleaning your Firefox browser cache? Can you access Google with Zone Alarm Pro installed if you go to your Zone Alarm Pro Programs list, right click on Firefox, select 'options' then uncheck the 'enable Privacy for this program' button?

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    Many users have to turn off all their 'main' Privacy blocking in order to get the Windows Update site to work. It seems that the Privacy JavaScript insertion interferes with the site. Anyway, that's what I do.

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    general privacy control is disabled, browser chane is empty, temp files auto deleted,
    Zonealarm Pro option settings for firefox and IE all disabled.

    Problems stays unless I uninstall ZoneAlarm pro.
    After the reboot (windows firewall back on) , full access inculing all google servers.
    Also, faster internet access.

    I had no problems with Zonealarm on my previous mainboard, asus A7KN8X-X deluxe but
    now after an upgrade to a 64 bit K8N-FI SLI platform weird problems with ZoneAlarm,
    even when a 32 bit version of XP pro is installed.

    Could this cause the cullprit, so a 32bit OS (that runs fine for the rest) and the
    32 bit version of Zonealarm Pro on e 64 bit AMD processor?

    I just removed zonealarm pro , reboot, installed zonealarm pro again , reboot
    and google and windowsupdate still problems even when all seciruty settings are as minimal as it
    can get.

    System acts slower when zonealarm is installed.
    For instance:
    Without zonealarm : ping acts immediatly
    With zonealarm : it takes approx 6 second before Zonealarm acts on the ping request to give access or not and that while the taskmanager reports approx 6% CPU use and indeed, This small delay counts for all new apps that want to
    start and zonealarm is not yet configured for that application.

    I do like zonealarm alot but if this can't be solved then they loose me as customer.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    The released version of Zone Alarm Pro is not meant to run on a 64 bit machine and while I'm not a technician, this could very well be your problem. There is hope. At the top of this board you will find, "Zone Labs is very proud to present the first preview version of our 64 bit firewall!". It is in Beta, but you still might want to giver it a go to see if your problems are resolved.

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access


    I've shut down Zonealarm pro:
    Windows XP firewall is enabled automaticly.
    Google accessible and faster system responces.
    Now, I leave the firefox instance open with loaded and start the zonealarm Security again.
    I hit the refresh on firefox to reload the page and google loads.

    I close firefox, start firefox again and there's is google again.
    Now I start windowsupdate and yes, this works too.

    System seems to act normal.
    I do wonder what this could have caused and it's too weird that just shutting down the service and restarting
    it solved the problems. Perhaps interesting to figure that out, Zonelabs.

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    I was posting while you posted :-)

    Indeed but the amd is capable to run 32 bit fluently and if you
    install a 32 bit OS on it then all other software and drivers
    have to be also 32 bit cause mixing 32 and 64 bit is not a good idea.

    I wonder what a restart of the computer will do now.

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    Too bad, The problems did not survive a cold boot.
    Shutting down zonealarm and so doesn't help neither anymore.
    It seems that it only is a temporary fix just after installing

    hmm, perhaps I should try the 64 bit beta.

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    csid Guest

    Default Re: Restricted access

    As mentioned before, not possible to run 64 bit on a 32 bit OS.
    I don't want to upgrade to windowsXP64 cause it's not available
    in my native language and Microsoft will wait till LongHorn
    before localized 64 bit versions appear.

    That's why i'm still using 32 bit OS on the AMD Athlon64 XP3700+
    Too bad tha some of my programs do need windows or I would migrate
    to linux/solaris as soon as possible.

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