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Thread: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

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    pipme Guest

    Default vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    ZAP 7.0.337.000 Win XP Home. Everything up to date.
    Bootup, 'Connection to' ISP Fine no problem.

    Open browser - Opera, FireFox or IE-7 - Vsmon 'hogs' the cpu to 100% for over 40 secs, then 'home' web site/page loads up with no problems thereafter - until reboot, when the situation repeats.

    Clean install as per instructions hereabouts - all traces of ZAP removed - reinstalled - so many times the HDD must be sparkling by now - or worn out!

    Obtained excellent freeby prog' from (M$)Sysinternals 'Process Monitor' ... Watched Vsmon during it's frenzied period, It spent almost the whole 40'odd secs opening and closing the spyware data file, Spyware.dat
    VSMON monitored during initial web access with browser.

    Total events 252691
    Opens 45925
    Closes 45924
    Reads 95
    Time 44.28 secs

    Or was Vsmon, unsuccessfully attempting to access the .dat file?

    I do run Windows Defender and Norton SystemWorks 2005 So there may be a conflict, but not with ZAP 6, that I noticed.

    From within ZAP I switched off the AntiSpyware auto update, then the AntiSpyware itself... I'll leave that business to Wind' Defender.
    Reboot .. problem remains.. reboot again - same.

    =============== My eventual Solution.
    ZAP AntiSpyware off.
    Shutdown computer, reboot into safe mode,
    At C:\Windows\Internet Logs\
    Deleted tvDebug.log .... A normal cleanup operation for me, this file grows endlessly... My action probably had no effect on end result below.

    At C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\
    RENamed 'Spyware.dat' and 'Spyware0.dat' to xpyware.dat and zpyware.dat - names not important... efectively disguised them.

    Reboot to normal mode, connect to web, open any of my browsers, almost instantly at home page, vsmon running quietly - as it should do !
    Reboot test - ok several times .. All is fine.

    So why, after switching off ZAP AntiSpyware, would Vsmon need to access Spyware.dat?


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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    Ignore this answer, please.

    Hi! Do a search on Windows Defender (bottom left corner of the screen). I seem to recall there's a conflict between the two spyware methods.

    EDITED: I just peeked at the search. This answer is wrong, but I'm unable to delete the message.

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    pipme Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    Anybody at all???

    I bet there are loads of us with this problem.

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    retspan Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    Same issue I'm afraid, started a thread on it here.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    if your running windows xp and the newest version and connect via DSL their is a know bug and they are working on this issue,so reverting to an earlier working version is the only right answer at the moment.

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    pipme Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to internet (2)

    Latest 'usable version 337' or latest version 362 ??

    I remain with ZAP 7.0.337.000 Win XP Home SP2.
    Everything up to date.

    I have updated from Norton System Works (NSW) 2005 to NSW2006.
    Same problem, Vsmon continually accessing the spyware.dat file - for 40 'ish seconds. at first browser web access following boot up - is then ok until next re-boot.

    Dropped NSW (used Norton tool removal with remaining Norton vestiges taken out using a 'splendid' registry editor)
    Same problem with Vsmon.

    Now using Avira Antvir(us)---
    Same problem with Vsmon.

    Would it not be great if we could ditch the bloat and just have our good old firewall back ?

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to Internet (2)

    I have ditched the bloat and returned to the only good version left on their release history thats still down-loadable from them which is the 4.5.954 version,to me its just what I need a good firewall. You will need to report this directly to Checkpoint via their tech support web address,this way they will be aware and can hopefully get it resolved.

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    pipme Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to Internet (2)

    Cheers, but I think my turning off AntiSpyware function and then renaming the Spyware.dat and Spyware0.dat files in safe mode.. Actually sorts the time delay problem...
    I use other software for anti spy.
    Heaven knows how one finds an e-mail addy for the help guys, the robot was not useful at all ... I will not telephone - Prefer not to buy a dog and bark myself.

    Happy days.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to Internet (2)

    Hey Pip,The web form address for tech support is
    tech is highlighted in blue as it is copied from the "robot" LOL, and yes I used to be into tweaking ZA to get it to work properly,but just started to see more and more problems,and at times I dont have the time to investigate and then troubleshoot what is wrong and how to fix it,so I decided to just revert and be happy.

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    pipme Guest

    Default Re: vsmon and connecting to Internet (2)

    Ok, FYW - How can I refuse to contact TS now? ;-)

    Have done the business - All data sent to Tech support.
    I shall return with their reply as and when.


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