I have seen this problem mentioned a couple of time on the forum but the solution seems to be a work around.

The problem I am having is that after a period of time ZA just strats blocking DNS access for the browser. When the machines (I have tried this on all my PC's) first start up everything is OK. The machines have full web access. However after being left for a period of time the browser is all of a sudden not able to access DNS.

To regain access the machine has to be rebooted. I have tried shuting down ZA and restarting it and the browsers in various orders, but until the machine is rebooted ZA keeps blocking DNS. If ZA is turned off everything works OK. But as soon as it is restarted the problem comes back.

I have read on a couple of posts that say to put the DNS server address into the trusted zone, but this seems like a work around to the problem. I would be interested to find out why this problem occurs in the first place. I consider that opening up any address on the net to the trusted zone is a no no.

Is there any suggestions from the ZA crew reagrding this ?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version: