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    albroun Guest

    Default Port 1025 open

    (I added this message to an older thread but I dont think it has been picked up so I am reposting it here)

    I recently upgraded from the free Zone Alarm to Zone Alarm with antivirus, but now, unlike before, when I run the GRC port scan, I am told port 1025 is open, whereas before, with the free version, it was shown as stealthed! My security settings are all set by Zone Alarm itself - it set them automatically, and Internet Security is set to "High", so I cannot add an extra port to block.

    Any help on this much appreciated

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    Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    Software Version: 6.1

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Port 1025 open

    Are you behind a router or have you granted any program 'server' rights?

    EDIT: I meant to add that it is always best to start your own thread because older ones do get over looked.

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    Default Re: Port 1025 open

    If I remember correctly the antivirus in the ZA will use this specific port for it's own purpose. Perhaps changing one of the antivirus .exe's to no server rights will eliminate the problem. Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    albroun Guest

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    LEXPPS.EXE and Windows Messenger have Server rights in the Internet Zone and the Trusted Zone. (Port 1025 still shown as open even when Messenger not running)

    A whole bunch of other apps have server rights in the Trusted Zone only - Services and Controller App, Run a DLL as an APP, LSA Shell (Export Version), and Generic Host Process for Win 32 services, plus Real Player, Outlook Express, Firefox, Internet Explorer

    I am not behind a router but I will soon be installing an ADSL Modem/Router so that the internet connection in the house can be shared. What should I do then?


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    albroun Guest

    Default Re: Port 1025 open

    Would this not then affect the functioning of the antivirus?? Infact the ZoneLabs client has not been granted any server rights. Cheers

    Please see also my response to the other question.

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    billc Guest

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    Try this. Go to your Zone Alarm Programs List and put a 'ask' question mark next to every program in the 'server' columns both 'Trusted' & 'Internet' zones. The only exception is that Generic Host Process For Win32 Services should have server rights but only in the Trusted zone. None of those applications need server rights to function properly. Now check your port 1025 again.

    When you get your new modem/router, you'll need to add your LAN IP to the Trusted Zone, but Zone Alarm should 'see' the new network once you hook every thing up and boot your computer.

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    albroun Guest

    Default Re: Port 1025 open

    I have done what you suggest. Thanks.

    It looks to me like LEXPPS.EXE is causing the problem. Whenever it asks for rights Port 1025 opens, and when I deny it Port 1025 seems to become stealthed. I have not monitored it closely enough to say for certain, but I think this is the problem. What is LEXPPS.EXE and why does it use this port? It is in the Windows System32 directory.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Port 1025 open

    From what I can find, the LEXPPS.EXE process is used to enable your Lexmark printer to be shared over a network. I assume you have or had a Lexmark printer? Google LEXPPS.EXE and you'll find more detailed info if you seek it.

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