Hopefully this hasn't already been asked (I've searched the forum and haven't found it but...)
I've just installed WAMP5 including Apache 2.0.55. I've had the free version of ZA 6.1.744.001 for a while now. When I first installed WAMP5 and the Apache service started I was prompted about it asking to act as a server. I selected "Yes" and the "Remember this setting" option.
The next day after I booted my PC I found I couldn't see the website hosted on my PC from outside. Eventually, by experiment, I found that if I go into the "Program Control"/"Programs"
tab of ZA, remove the Apache HTTPD Server from the list, then restart the Apache service, select "Yes" and "Remember this setting" when prompted and so on, I can now see the website from an external machine.
In the "Program Control"/"Main" tab I've got Medium security selected.
In the "Firewall"/"Main" tab I've got High Security for Internet and Low for Trusted.
Does anyone know of a solution to this problem that won't compromise my settings? It's clearly a nuisance having to go through this rigmarole all the time and, given that I haven't paid for ZA and there are other free software firewalls out there it sounds like it might be time to look at alternatives.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1