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Thread: Free ZoneAlarm vs. LinkSyS Router

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    jimmyjoebob Guest

    Default Free ZoneAlarm vs. LinkSyS Router

    I have been using the Free version of ZoneAlarm for several years. I recently purchased a LinkSyS Router, RT41-BU and installed it in my Home Network(3 PC's running XP Home). Almost immediately, I started having problems keeping an Internet connection on all three PC's. Contacted LinkSyS Tech Support and did everything they could think of over a period of about 3 weeks, including their sending me not just one but two new routers to replace my original purchase. We had no success in solving the problem. Finally, an Executive in Tech Service from Cisco(LinkSyS's Parent Company) contacted me by Telephone. His first question to me was, "Are you now or have you ever run a copy of ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm Pro?" I responded that I had and was at that time running the Free version of ZoneAlarm on all three of my systems. He requested that I uninstall all three copies from the respective machines, shut down each machine, power down the router, power down my cable modem for 30 seconds and then power it back up, power up the LinkSys RT41-BU Router and then turn on all three PC's. I complied. He then asked me to access the Net from all three PC's to see if the problem was still there. It was not there anymore. He said that ZoneAlarm was treating my Router as if it were attacking my system from outside. ZoneAlarm denied my Router Access to the Net, which denies me access to the Net. Right now, I am relying on the Hardware Firewall in the router to protect my network. I am not running ZoneAlarm anymore on any of my systems and have encountered no more Internet access interruptions. I would like to use ZoneAlarm but dont know how to make it leave my Router alone. How about some help here? Bye

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Free ZoneAlarm vs. LinkSyS Router

    Hi JimmyJoeBob
    Add to the trusted zone of ZA the network ZA detected (it should be something like 192.168.x.x/ router internal ip should be in the trusted zone, but if you add the network and if you have DHCP enabled in the router,this ip would be inside the range of ip's you added. If you still have problems add the ip's of the DHCP and DNS servers to the trusted zone. Follow this link how to do that
    Best regards

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    jeannemg Guest

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    HI JimmyJoeBob, I recently switched from Verizon DSL to FIOS and was hoping for improvement. It has been nothing but trouble for a week and now they suggested to disable ZONE ALARM (free program) and the internet connected immediately. I saw your note about your problem with the router and it seemed similar. Verizon said to contact zone alarm about how to set up their program to be compatible. Since I don't pay for their service, I didn't know if they would care to help. Have you figured it out or is the answer to dump zone alarm entirely? Verizon also said all the firewalls worked on the same principle and could be problematic. I didn't know if they would tell me otherwise. Thanks for any help you can give. Jeanne

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    IGGY Guest

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    Unfortunately you have run into the type of support most ISP give. Instead of trying to help explain how to make the two devices work properly together. They tell you to disable the software firewall. Some ISP did this in the past even when users weren't using a router. Granted ISP do this to reduce support cost. And they figure they didn't provide you with the products in most cases. So why should they support them.

    Although your router when properly configured will provided inbound protection. Meaning it will stop ( in most cases ) intruders from gaining access to your machine. A basic router does not provide any type of outbound protection. Which is just as important as inbound protection. With PC security - you want what is called a layered approach ( within reason ). This means that you should have multiple layers of protection in case one fails. Example - if for some reason your router fails or is exploited do to a firmware flaw. You would have the software firewall in place as backup protection against intruders.

    I've written many articles in regards to this in the past.

    Unfortunately some people have reported problems with my urls at this time. But if you refresh you should be able to view that page.

    There are also many old threads linked on my ZoneAlarm bookmarks page that may help you troubleshoot your problem.


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