hi , my internet is totally wiped out after i installed ZA 6.5 version security suite . nothing at all opens in my browser , and neither can i access my router by 192.168.x.x . Exactly same problems having for me in the earlier version . There is totally no internet connection at all

i saw the suggestions of putting DHCP and DNS into trusted , i have done everything , as well as gone into safe mode and deleted the 2 .rdb files but there's no luck at all . even though i regard ZA as possibly the best Firewall , it always been a problem for me to dealt with when its updated .

Now i have no option but to format (unless any senior here can help me i this one) , last time also there was no option but to format my HDD of 280 GB , and its 'ONLY' because of ZA because it has totally screwed up my internet connection for the 2nd time .it takes a long long time to get things right after formatting . i really have doubts whether i should continue using ZA even tho i regard it as the best Firewall .

Really appreciate if someone can help me in this matter if its possible to rectify the situation without formatting .