I'm using ZA Pro 5.5.940 for the last 8 months, and have had no problems. I usea singlePC and a wired router, which handles the DHCP, DNS, etc., and everything has sailed along for 8 months. When I accessed the Internet today, however, I got a Network Connection Wizard window pop up, which told me ZA had detected a "new network connection" and asking me if I wanted it in the Trusted (private)or Internet (public) zone. The IP numbers were the same as before, i.e., that of my router and it's subnet. I didn't know what to do, specifically why it no longer recognized it under the previous setup and why it thought it was a new network. Since the numbers were OK, I allowed it, but only into the Internet zone until I can figure out what might have happened. It works fine with nothing in the Trusted zone, since I only have a single PC. Is there any way ZA can lose a previously-configured network connection, and ask for it all over again as a "new" connection? I figured if some file was corrupt, then I would have lost my allowed program configurations, etc., too, and none of that has changed. I logged into my router, and everything looked normal there. I did an ipconfig check and everything showed up normal there; i.e., my IP address was the expected anonymous one that is provided by the router, and the DHCP and DNS servers were the correct numbers. I ran full scans with Spy Sweeper, NAV, and Ad-Aware and all was normal as usual. So I'm perplexed as to why this "new network" alert showed up.Secondly,my network (therouter and subnet mask) had beenin the Trusted Zonesince the wizard originally configured it 8 months ago (i.e., I chose private network, even though there are no other computers), but is there any problem with keeping it in the Internet zone? It seems to be working OK there. I have no other PC's which would need to share resources. I know some people put their router in the trusted zone; what happens if you don't? But my main question is why the new network wizard popped up at all; that kind of worried me to have an unexpected occurrence like that after all this time. Thanks for any info.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:5.x