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    sillylilly Guest

    Default Page Not Found Errors

    Just about a week ago I started having problems with Page Not Found errors.
    Out of every 10 pages, anywhere from 2 to 6 are logy then
    come up Page Not Found.
    When I hit refresh, they immediately come up.
    This only happens when Zone Alarm is running.
    I've turned my ZA off and never get this error message.
    I have Windows XPIE 6.0.2900Qwest DSLZA 6.1.744.001
    I have given server
    rights to
    IE 6
    in the ZA settings.
    I have checked the option to load ZA at startup.
    I've unistalled and reinstalled ZA.
    Nothing has worked.
    Please tell me how to correct this problem, it's driving me crazy!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I am also having this problem.
    About one out of every ten pages I get the 'page not found error'.
    I'm using the latest version of Zone Alarm
    Internet Secutity Suite.
    Hope there is a fix for this!

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    larkspur Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    Same problem driving me insane. I would like to add some DNS addresses to "trusted zones" but don't know how to get the DNS addresses. On the rare occasions they appear in the task bar, they flash by so fast I can't record them. Can anyone tell me how to get these addresses?
    I use ZA free as I wouldn't use most of the configurational options in ZA Pro, but dozens of pages are being blocked and work-arounds don't always work.

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    neil_i Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I would like to add my name to this list of people with this problem which is realy frustrating & time wasting. I get 'page not found' messages probably 1 in 5 times & when I click refresh then the page is displayed. The time is lost waiting for the process to time out & give the error message.

    This topic was also raised by 'firedude' on 5-15-06 under the heading 'Slow access to websites' but there have been no suggested solutions.

    Anyone else out there with the same problem?

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    souza Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I am also having this same problem but to a lesser extent. I seem to have it when in hotmail and some a couple of other programs. I checked microsoft knowledge base and spent hours there got a ref you might want to check out and try at :// present, I am trying some of those suggestions (11pages artlcle) so will see what will eventuate.

    OS is Windows XP with SP2ZAP Pro Version 6 etcVet Antivirus

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    howlermonkey Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I guess I'll add my name to this problem. Mine seems to happen only with certain pages also. Hotmail is one and Yahoo mail is another along with maybe 5 other sites and it's a consistent problem. I've had this issue using both IE and Firefox.

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    nitefoll Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I'm having exactly the same problem. My ISP is Telewest Blueyonder with their 2Mb package.

    Last night I installed "TreeWalk DNS" - which helped a little but still didn't stop it altogether.

    Would REALLY like to know why ZoneAlarm is causing DNS problems, any help from anyone would be most appreciated.

    p.s. I've added my ISP's DHCP and DNS to my trusted zones, this doesn't help.

    Message Edited by nitefoll on 05-31-2006 02:52 AM

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    jgrow Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    I've been having the same problem come and go i just deleted my cookies in /Tools/Internet options... and now it seems to work...? any ideas why...?

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    larkspur Guest

    Default Re: Page Not Found Errors

    Since my posting to this thread in May I have spent hundreds of hours searching the Internet for a solution to this problem with no results. Clearing the cache of cookies, files and history at every Internet use (and several times during each use) does not solve the problem. Refresh occasionally works, but usually not. Clearing ZAs memory files doesn't help either (and clears some passwords that have nothing to do with ZA!)Trial upgrading to ZA Pro didn't help. Zone Labs have been remarkably remiss in not acknowledging this problem and failing to provide a solution for it. Norton Internet Security has many faults, but never this one. Once NIS is installed, it works very well with no Internet interference. (No, I am not running two firewalls simultaneously.) I would never recommend ZA to anyone.

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