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Thread: ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:6.5.722.000 is timing out Mailwasher Pro 5.0

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    jxm Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:6.5.722.000 is timing out Mailwasher Pro 5.0

    I have just come back to zonealarm after using the norton firewall for a while (a very annoying piece of software...) and I get a very similar problem to this -

    When I go into mailwasher pro 5.0 it searches for my e-mail, sits there for ages, then times out with the message "The operation timed out - no response was received from the server". If I shut down zonealarm, cancel any current 'check mail' attempts in progress, then check again it imediately starts downloading my e-mail. If I then restart zonealarm and 'check mail' again it times out again.

    I've tried deleting mailwasher from the program list and restarting - in case I accidently denied something when I was busy 'training' ZA. I also played with some of the custom settings but with no luck.

    SO it is definatley ZA causing the problem. The strange things are -

    1. It used to work fine when I had both installed before
    2. Bizarelly, it doesn't time out all the mail all the time. When I switched it on this morning, for example, it downloaded mail from two accounts then timed out the others. Later in the day it was timing out the accounts that had earlier worked as well.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    jxm Guest

    Default Re: but ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0.118 works just fine with Mailwasher Pro 5.3

    Further info - I just checked my laptop and it is running ZA Pro 3.0.118 with mailwasher pro 5.3 and it works just fine. This is through the same internet connection/ISP and reading the same e-mail accounts from the same pop3 servers.

    ps. is anyone else having problems posting to this board? I tried several times with ie but it kept saying "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied." even though it was just text. I finally managed to submit using firefox...

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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