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    gemius Guest

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    I run W982nd editionand have been using Zone Alarm for about a year with everything ok. Tonight I couldn't send an e-mail and kept getting the error 0x800cccod in Outlook Express. I rang the NTL help line and they said it was because Zone Alarm was stopping the mail from being sent. I have access to the internet and I can still receive mailDo you have any idea why this should suddenly happen and how can I fix it please?Thank you Gemius

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    galasphere Guest

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    If it's any consolation, I'm having exactly the same problem with OE and Win XP Pro.It all comes in but absutely nothing goes out The only cure so far for me is to turn off Zone Alarm :0 temporarily. Bit of a pain though so here's hoping it gets fixed soon.

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    gemius Guest

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    Sorry to hear you're having the same problem Galasphere. Mine has been resolved now andseems to have been a mix up with my wife's mail addresswhich hasa different identity in OE.Hope someone can help you.Gemius

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    galasphere Guest

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    Cracked it. I did a search on the forum site and I found a discussion about Outlook Express. It seems to be due in my case to the remains of a Norton Systemworks installation that I removed some time ago. If you go this place he is a Zone user on the forum, you'll find all sorts. I just went through the permissions and found one very old Norton file that was not being allowed access. I changed that and it all works now.:8} Good luck, Gemius

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    pkpetro Guest

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    Can you pls elaborate exactly how you located and subsequently removed the remains of Norton, as I also uninstalled Norton Anti-virus some time ago? My problem is that some of the incoming (absolutely safe) messages cannot be downloaded in OE (unless I disable ZA firewall free edition) and some outgoing cannot be sent. Do I have the same problem as you, or some other? Can you, or any one else, help?

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