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Thread: MSN Access Issue

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    symba Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    i totally agree with you.
    i've been experiencing this problem ever since i updated to the latest version of Zone Alarm 6.5.737.000

    i thought it might be WLM, so i tried the older versions.
    it works completely with the Zone Alarm off

    I did a clean uninstall of Zone Alarm following steps as also show in the previous post
    WLM worked great till i install Zone Alarm or when it is off, even with the older version (6.5.722.000) that used to work without any problem

    i think we should wait for the ZoneLabs to get us a new update that solves this issue!

    If anyone fixes it and gets it working... please let's know
    and thank you in advance

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    edwardliaonz Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Following up my situation, I have reinstalled windows since no suggestions on here worked for me. I have lost faith in ZA, and will not use it until I see good reports on ZA in the

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    ronaldk Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Contact ZA tech support.
    I was advised to go back to the last 6.1 version and IM works.
    I was told they were working on the problem and I
    came back here hoping
    to see a resolution offered by now.

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    symba Guest

    Default Re: MSN Access Issue

    Good day,
    the problem is totally resolved.
    Update to the last version of ZoneAlarm, check for updates and download them...
    everything will work just fine
    have fun

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