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Thread: Why is this forum here?

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    extreme_one Guest

    Default Why is this forum here?

    Every post on the front page of this board is from a customer trying to tell the Zone Labs staff that there is a problem with Zone Labs software running on their PC.

    NOT ONE has had a response from a member of Zone Labs staff. The oldest posts at the bottom of the board are 7 days old!

    Is there any support available at all on these forums?

    In case a member of staff does stop by before I finally decide to drop Zone Alarm in favour of one of your competitors products here is my issue.

    I reckon you need to patch that bug.
    However, judging by the frequency of past updates I expect I'll be using a different FireWall by the time the issue does get resolved.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    This forum is here because its a USER HELP FORUM.YES ZoneLabs employee's do read these forums silently,but it was opened for users to help other users.If you really understood ZoneLabs method to madness,you would know they barely comment within this forum,and only one employee actually comes here and tries his best to help.If you need direct assistance,then use the Tech Support method of reporting you bug,this way you may get a more personal experiance and a suitable workaround,otherwise revert and stick with that version till a better version arrives,or simply use your consumer power and BUY another product.

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    pop_shot_warhol Guest

    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    That's a reasonable solution. But you would think, if any of the customers had luck with tech support, wouldn't we get a decent explanation on these posts from the customers? If the problem is a prevalent one (in this case, we have several issues with the latest update), usually the course of action for a company is to REPORT a solution, not wait until you call them, and give you an answer.I don't blame customers for not calling tech support, and I'm not trying to bash ZoneAlarm by saying this, I'm bashing tech support for all companies in general. We've all had enough elevator music situations to have acquired a fear of phone support.Don't get me wrong, I love ZoneAlarm. By that, I mean, I prefer ZoneAlarm over any other anti-viral, anti-spyware software (and probably always will), but that's not to say that they don't have problems to work out.For the record, and without getting into details, I'm a professional software engineer, and soI canempathize withboth sides of the situation. What I don't understand is, are you so understaffed that you can't have a few regulars reading these posts? If so, sign me up. Problem solved.

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    anath Guest

    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    "If you need direct assistance,then use the Tech Support method of reporting you bug"

    I'm pretty new to the world of zonelabs, so it's very possible that I've missed an obvious link - anyway, the only tech support option I could find (other than this forum) is a premium phone call - which is only available in the US. I'd really appreciate it if someone could let me know of any other ways to contact tech support! Many thx in advance!

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    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    Welcome to Zone Labs Web-Based Technical Support

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    anath Guest

    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    many thanks for the link - your help is really much appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Why is this forum here?

    This is a USER forum, not a helpdesk. ZA staff do not officially monitor this forum.

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