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Thread: free ZA and norton antivirus 2006

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    edbelin Guest

    Default free ZA and norton antivirus 2006

    I have been using the free Za and norton antivirus 2003 for years without problems. I recently was required to update norton antivirus to version 2006. After i did this i could no longer run the "Live update" portion of the norton product without disabling ZA. I dont want to run this way can anyone help me ( norton says it's a ZA problem). I'd really appreciate any possible solutions. Thank you for reading this thread.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    st_john_clark Guest

    Default Re: free ZA and norton antivirus 2006

    Hello the problem must be that your ZoneLabs software is blocking this program (Norton Antivirus 2006).Click onto "Program Control" on your ZoneLabs software followed by "programs".LocateLive Update orNorton Anti Virus, as it might be blocked by Zone Alarm.Justcheck the boxes to ticks instead of "X" to allow this program to access the internet.Your Live Update should then be working as normal.Products from Symantec are not that trusted I would refer to ZoneAlarm Antivirusa instead much much better.Hopethis helped

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    edbelin Guest

    Default Re: free ZA and norton antivirus 2006

    thank you very much for your response. that was exactly what was happening, there were four live update engines listed and only three were enabled. i did what you said and live update worked. thanks again you wre very helpful.

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    st_john_clark Guest

    Default Re: free ZA and norton antivirus 2006

    Thats ok I do everything I can to help

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