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Thread: msn problems sorted yet?

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    kaspa Guest

    Default msn problems sorted yet?

    like loads of others on here, since i updated zonealarm msn hasnt been working properly and the advice given hasnt helped so far. has this issue been sorted yet?

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    edwardliaonz Guest

    Default I have more than just this

    I downloaded the update of zonealarm firewall and trialledpro. Ever since then, I could not log into MSN with program control assigned "super", even when the firewall is terminated, removed.. all the ways I can think of. On top of that, I cannot get into ANY of the microsoft sites (mainly, andsome email servers. It appears I have no internet connection (maybe zonealarm blocked it)whenever I try to access these places. Some extra details:my MSN lags whenever I try to type anything inthe email address/net passportcolumn(because somehow the original emails remembered on MSN is wiped completely). The error dialog that MSN messenger generatesappearas soon as I press "Log In". I naturally press the troubleshoot, and everything it tested was fine until the final "Connection to main port". Suggested that it could be my proxy server settings(which was tested "ok"), or firewall settings (which I can't find the problem). It appears that ZA 6.5 may have something interfering with the connection process, even if ZA is terminated.Can I please get an answer on this? I'm quite desperate because this is the only computer I have, and it's either getting this problem fixed, or the unfortunate reinstalling windows.

    Message Edited by edwardliaonz on 07-23-2006 03:06 AM

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    ultranova Guest

    Default Re: I have more than just this

    I am also having MSN problems , especialy with Custom Emots & other features, after some checking I have isolated it to the Zone Alarmadd ons ,Mainly Zone Anti Spyware but also Zone's Vet AV .By turning off antispyware some features return , with AV off as well, custom emots can then be sent & recieved again ,turning av back on allows one way movement of custom emots, but only temporaly.As with the others of you having MSN problems , It appears to have started after Zone Alarm Update I hope these observations are of some help in sorting this very unhelpfull most recent update of Zone Alarm Pro & Zone Alarm Security SuiteAs far as i can tell the Zone Alarm Firewall itself doesn't affect the MSN features even with the updates to it (Z A Firewall)

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    baconboy Guest

    Default Re: I have more than just this

    I have this problem to. When I try to log on to msn messenger i get error code 80048820, I am also unable to log on to my hotmail from internet explorer and i can't manage my bank account. It seems that I can't reach any page using some kind of encryption while using Internet Explorer. All of this started when I installed the latest version of Zone Alarm Pro.
    I have begun to use Mozilla Firefox to log on to my hotmail and my bank, that works as it should. But it would be nice to be able to use MSN messenger.
    I have tried to change most settings in internet explorer regarding security and nothing helps.

    Would be really thankfull for some help.

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    ultranova Guest

    Default Re: I have more than just this

    Should have posted My PC info to compleat my original post

    P4 2.8 ghz 800fzb with hyperthreading ,1Gb DDR 400Mhz ram , ECS Photon Main board ,80 Gb Pata HDD Loaded with MS XP Pro with SP2 & all most recent updates & hotfixes.

    80Gb drive is new ,only been in use 2 weeks , everything was ok till after the Zone updates then MSN started deterioate & become "buggy" including Freezes , then onto Emot errors ,web cam probs & file transfrer troubles

    Best of luck to all my fellow MSN users suffering these problems & looking for solutions

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