OK, I think, that this problem is known here. I post my own post, because my englisch is very bad.

The problem is, that normaly my computer is on from ~17:00 0
clock to 07: o
clock., because in the night my computer is my radio *G
But if I want to check my E-Mails in the morning, or surf in the internet it
s dead. I found out, that Zone Alarm make this problem, because if I turn it off, all thinks works. If I go away from the pc in day for a few hours the internet is blocked, too from Zone alarm.

Ths problem exists a fews weeks now and nothing is happend to fix it. I
m very angry and will look for a alternative product, because I hate it to restart my pc. For a few months my pc runs 24/7, but at the moment i
m woorking to hard out of the house, so it
s to costly and I turn off my pc beetween 07:00 o
clock and ~17:00 0
clock, but on the weekend the pc is on 24/7 and it
s annoying to restart the pc. I hope there will happen something this days.

I hope you understand, what I mean.