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Thread: Wireless Router causing problems in ZA Sec Suite

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    wendellbrown Guest

    Default Wireless Router causing problems in ZA Sec Suite

    I recently installed a Linksys WRT54G Wireless router between my cable modem and desktop. Now my ZA Automatic Lock no longer works and I am having trouble with Outlook Express. I have limited knowledge about this stuff but after weeks of trying to figure things out I have observed the following:

    -There are 2-3 SVC Host processes ALWAYS shown running beside the lock in ZA. (This does not happen without the router.)
    -The "Ethernet" light in my cable modem is constantly blinking.
    -ZA's program log shows endless svchost.exe getting blocked. The Source IP is my router, with many different versions of the IP address appearing within a wide range (last four numbers always different).

    So it seems that the router is causing ZA to think there is always a connection to the internet (maybe this has something to do with packets being refreshed?).
    Is there a way to configure ZA SS to ignore the router's constant connection?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Wireless Router causing problems in ZA Sec Suite

    Hi wendellbrown
    Try adding the router internal ip to the trusted zone of ZA (and keep medium as the setting for the trusted zone).Run the command ipconfig /all (assuming you have DHCP enabled in the router, hit start-run-cmd-ok and in the command line type ipconfig /all. See what is the DHCP server ip and the default gateway.They should be the same if DHCP is enabled,something like 192.168.x.x).Now, and take this as only a opinion, if you have the router properly secured,WPA encryption above all,SSID broadcasting disabled and changed from the vendor's default name,MacAddress filtering enabled,remote admnistration disabled, UPnP disabled and so on,why do you need the Lock, you are protected by a hardware firewall and a software firewall.Activating the automatic lock you just increase the probability of problems at DHCP,DNS and corruption of data base level.
    Best regards

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    wendellbrown Guest

    Default Re: Wireless Router causing problems in ZA Sec Suite

    Thanks for the reply.

    I had already done as you suggested, as well as made other settings recommended by a few posts, but it never helped.

    As for why I want the Auto Lock, I just feel comfortable that my internet connection will lock up before the computer goes into standby mode if I have to leave for a few days without being able to shut down the computer.
    As things are now, my computer won't even shut down because the router is creating some kind of constant connection with the internet (the computer thinks I am always working on it).
    What also happens now is that when I do shut down my computer, there is a lag until it forcefully shuts down ZA SS or vclient.
    None of these happened before the router (or the latest ZASS updates).
    I just figure that lots of people use wireless routers with ZA SS and would have a solution for me.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Wireless Router causing problems in ZA Sec Suite

    You're welcome
    After everything you say I was first thinking of suggesting you a reseting of ZA data base,but there is a possibility of problems with the router.I also run the WTR54G for two years without problems,but I think the main difference is mine is version 2 and yours is probably version 5 that according many forums has given a lot of troubles.So,my first suggestion is try to reset your router (there should be a button, normally in the back to do that)and start again the setup. It
    s not normal nothing you described,the ethernet light always blinking, the problems in shutting down the computer....
    Hope this helps,otherwise you may contact the Linksys support.
    Good luck and best regards

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