I have a small network with a Windows computer that I use for file storage. On my computer I am running Zone Alarm with "internet" zone. I am doing this as I dont want anything to be 'trusted' except if accessing particular ports.

I have noticed that even with (Firewall->Expert rules) putting two rules for port 445 to allow incoming and outgoing communication which should allow the fileshare accesses.

Example of rule (same idea for both directions)

Action = Allow, Track = None, Source = My Computer, Destination =, port = 445, Time = any.

It does to a point... however sometimes if I am playing a video from the share or listening to music (two different players) they will suddenly be denied access. Zone Alarm will have the alert icon flashing and logs will be posted denying the access.

An example:

Rating..Date/Time..........................Type...Protocol..... ..Program....Source......IP Destination..IP Direction..Action
Medium 2006/07/24 14:42:40-400 GMT Firewall TCP (flags: AP) 'blank' Incoming Blocked

Does anyone know what could be wrong, or how I can fix this issue?


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)