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Thread: ZA forgets to allow access (not the same as in FAQ)

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    minusmojo Guest

    Default ZA forgets to allow access (not the same as in FAQ)

    I did a search and did not find an answer, so please forgive me if the answer is somewhere obvious.

    After my PC has been on for a while, ZA will forget to allow programs to access the internet. This happens most often after it wakes from hibernation, but the issue is not restricted to that. It happens with almost any aplication that uses the internet, and happens on at least 4 PC's that I admin.

    In every occasion, if I disable ZA I can use the net, but if I relaunch it I will be blocked again - until I reboot.

    This is not the same as the issue I saw in the FAQ, which says:

    4) Why is ZA blocking Internet after a while? The most common cause is that you are losing your IP address. Most ISPs use DHCP to assign IP addresses. Many also send a heartbeat to see if you are still connected. If these are being blocked, you should see them in your Alerts. From inside ZA, press F1 and search for DHCP or HEARTBEAT.

    My internet IP only changes every few weeks (if that), and my LAN IP never changes - this issue happens everyday, and has for over a year.

    Also, the issue can be program specific - ZA may continue letting Firefox through, but not Word, or vice versa.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    dpodom Guest

    Default Re: ZA forgets to allow access (not the same as in FAQ)

    I am having the same problem. ZA forgets to allow Thunderbird (and a few other applications) every time. I am really getting frustrated with this.

    Windows XP Home
    ZA Security Suite

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    minusmojo Guest

    Default Re: ZA forgets to allow access (not the same as in FAQ)

    I am trying a solution I found here:

    <blockquote><hr>SlyFox wrote:

    Hi Elppa,

    &quot;PERHAPS&quot; I can help you, as I am a user of Zone Alarm Pro.
    Have you tried doing this?

    Do you have your DHCP server IP in the Trusted zone of your Firewall &gt; Zones panel? Finding DNS and DCHP servers, etc

    1. Go to Run type in command , hit 'ok', and type ipconfig /all then press enter. In the returned data list will be a line DNS and DHCP Servers with the IP address(s) listed out to the side.
    2. In ZA on your machine on the Firewall&gt;Zones tab click Add and then select IP Address. Make sure the Zone is set to Trusted.
    3. Click OK and then Apply and see if that works to fix it..

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!


    At the moment it seems to be working, though we'll see in a few hours and after hibernations.

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