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Thread: Internet traffic fails first time, succeeds second time

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    davemac Guest

    Default Internet traffic fails first time, succeeds second time

    I am two days away from the end of the free trial of ZA Internet Security Suite v. 6.5. My internet connection is through DSL and I use MS Outlook for e-mail.ZA loads automatically at startup. I have noticed since installing the product that I now have problems accessing my internet home page. Launching Internet Explorer asks for the usual dial-up connection, to which I reply OK. This connects to my ISP's server as usual, but it then takes a while for the home page to try to load. This always then produces a message that the page cannot be displayed.Clicking the Refresh button will then load the page properly.Disabling ZA before trying to connect also allows the home page to load properly first time, but defeats the point of the security suite!I've noticed that my e-mail connection is also a bit patchy lately, so this may be part of the same problem.Any ideas how to solve this problem, please? If I cannot do so, I shall switch to an alternative product at the end of the free trial.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    davemac Guest

    Default Re: Internet traffic fails first time, succeeds second time

    Sorry to have bothered anyone who might have taken the trouble to look at this post - I think I've solved my own problem (by showing the IP address of my ISP as a trusted site).


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