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Thread: VPN connection, Not Cisco, but Nortel Networks

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    jentheartist Guest

    Default VPN connection, Not Cisco, but Nortel Networks

    I am not positive this is a zone alarm issue or not. I have VPN software by Nortel. I have been able to connect once (and stay on) but my connection wasn't going through a router it was a direct line from the modem to the computer.I have recently installed a network (wireless) and if I bring my work laptop home, I can connect to the VPN but not on my home PC. I get connected, but then it shows a window "Looking for Banner Text" and after it's done with that, the connect closes automatically. I don't want to have to change my network to run directly from the modem any time I want to connect to work and I don't always have my laptop with me when I need to log in. Is this a Linksys issue maybe? And if it is, why does it allow the work laptop to connect and not my pc? I checked the settings of the VPN side by side with the laptop home once and they are configured identically.Am I missing something in Zone Alarm Firewall?I have added the Nortel program into the programs section, granted it access, put the VPN IP address into the trusted zone, checked the box to allow VPN connections... I am at my wits end as to what could be blocking it. I do not use the Microsoft Firewall, so it's not that one firewall is allowing and the other is denying. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Jen

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    ksterbe Guest

    Default Re: VPN connection, Not Cisco, but Nortel Networks

    I am using the same vpn client version V05_01.120 and the latest versionof the zone alarm security suite - 6.5.737 (it says its up to date)I am having the exact same problem.
    I get a VPN connection but then it goes intothe "Checking banner text" dialog and after several seconds it fails with a connect dropped try again type dialog.
    If I turn off the zonealarm firewall... it works fine.
    Did you have any luck solving this?

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