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Thread: SQL Server 2005/Analysis Services

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    oddlynormal Guest

    Default SQL Server 2005/Analysis Services

    My first post here, so forgive me if I ramble. I have ZA with Anti Virus set up on Windows XP. The problem I have is browsing data within Microsoft Analysis Services. If I turn off the firewall - still no access. If I turn off the anti-virus - still no access. If I turn them both off - still no access. If I close down ZA - magically I have access to the data. Turn ZA back on - no access. Something tells me ZA is not compatible with SQL Server 2005/AS. Anyone know anything about this?

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    jarvis Guest

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    I'm afraid I don't use SQL server 2005, but what might help us is some logs from your firewall. Please try the following:

    1. With ZA running, start up the program you're having problems with and attempt to browse the data.

    2. Go to %windir%\Internet Logs (replace %windir% with your Windows installation folder) and double-click on ZALog.txt Scroll down to the last few entries from the last few minutes and copy/paste them into a reply here.

    Hopefully we can determine what the trouble is.

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    mhaack Guest

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    I am having the same issue.

    Here is my log:

    ZoneAlarm Logging Client v6.1.744.001
    Windows XP-5.1.2600-Service Pack 2-SMP
    type,date,time,source,destination,transport (Security)
    type,date,time,virus name,file name,mode,e-mail id (Anti-Virus)
    type,date,time,source,destination,action,service (IM Security)
    type,date,time,source,destination,program,action (Malicious Code Protection)
    type,date,time,action,product,file,event,subevent, class,data,data,... (OSFirewall)
    type,date,time,name,type,mode (Anti-Spyware)
    ACCESS,2006/05/09,18:51:22 -4:00 GMT,Generic Host Process for Win32 Services was blocked from accepting a connection from the Internet (,N/A,N/A
    AV/update,2006/05/09,19:02:52 -4:00 GMT,vet.signatures(9775),Update Install Completed,Auto

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    bkaye Guest

    Default Re: SQL Server 2005/Analysis Services

    Did you ever come up with a solution?


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