Can you please help me? I have tried everything - all the instructions on this forum, but I cannot get ICS to work!

I have Windows XP Home. I have ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite on 2 computers - One gateway/host computer, and the second computer is a laptop connection via Ethernet LAN. Note that the gateway is Home and my laptop is Pro. No routers.

I have set it up so I can share files and folders etc. and this works well.

However ICS does not work. The only way I can get it to work is to shutdown ZoneAlarm on the gateway computer, then the Internet works fine.

I have added all my DNS servers, IP Addresses and all that lark to my Trusted Zone but it still won't let ICS work on my laptop.

I have set up the "this is part of an ICS/Nat gateway" thing but it still doesn't work.

I have tried disabling all of ZoneAlarm (Firewall; Anti-Virus; Program Control etc.) while still leaving the program running but it does not solve my problem.

I don't have any restore points since I first started using ZoneAlarm - the first time I was using it, the ICS was working fine but then just about a month ago it didn't work any more and I don't remember changing any settings.

It is obviously not viruses or spyware or ActiveX etc. because the Internet works when ZoneAlarm is closed on the gateway computer. Plus I have scanned both computers with everything I've got every month and never found any results apart from tracking cookies.

The only thing I have not tried is reinstalling ZoneAlarm on both computers - but if I do this then I would like to know which order to do them in - Microsoft's "small office or home network" first, or ZoneAlarm first? Should I follow the instructions on this page:

I have tried everything on these forums after doing a search and nothing helps. I tried these links but they don't work. They all point to this solution which does not work:

If you would like I could send in details of my DNS Server addresses; IP Addresses etc.

Please help me!

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Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5