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Thread: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

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    philipji Guest

    Default Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    I am using Zonealarm Security Suite and I cant access my stockbrokers website (
    If i disable the cookie blocker and Pop up Add section i can gain access.
    How to I register this site as allowable.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    Go to your ZASS > Privacy > Site List, click on the 'add' button, enter the URL ( ) then click 'ok'. Now locate the Comsec site you just entered on the Site List, right click on it and select 'options'. Next go through all three tabs to uncheck everything and click 'apply' as you go through each tab. Now clean your browser cache and try the site again.

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    ladis Guest

    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    Bill, This does not seem to work (as confirmed by Zone Labs FAQ and my own attempts). The only fix at present is to turn off privacy service completely. Why is it that the controls to turn of privacy for that particular site won't work in isolation.

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    philipji Guest

    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    Hi Bill
    Thanks for your suggestion but no luck, it does not work.
    I have reisnstalled ZA but still no luck, apparently Comsec has been receiving a lot of request re this problem and ZA from their clients.
    Any other suggestions?

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    adh Guest

    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    I can confirm that this is a problem with ZoneAlarm Pro.
    I am using v 6.5.737.000.
    When you enable cookie
    control in ZoneAlarm Pro, the Commonwealth Securities site ( does not work when you try to login.
    Creating a manual entry for the site and allowing all cookies fails to overcome the problem.
    The only solution is to disable cookie control altogether which isn't really acceptable.

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    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec)

    Here is the problem. First start with ZA. It uses a script to perform the privacy settings on the page. <script language='javascript' src=''></script>
    Now some sites have another script running on their pages. The function of this script is to count the number of scripts running on the page. If the privacy settings are on, then there is 1 more script running than should be, thus the page fails to load. The only way around this is to turn off the privacy settings in ZA. There is another possible answer. Contact the webmaster and let him know the situation. It is possible they can program around this.
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    philipji Guest

    Default Re: Blocked Access to Website (Comsec) - Further to my original Post

    HiThanks to everyone for posting their answers to this problem.I just thought I would mention that this problem is not consistant accross all ZA installations.I have setup
    ZA on several other computers (same version of Windows etc) and there is no
    problem accessing this site!I have searched hi and lo for some setting that is different but have
    unable too.

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