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Thread: DLink (DI-624) router, ZA and cable connection help please.

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    Default DLink (DI-624) router, ZA and cable connection help please.

    Recently, I installed a wireless router to my PC and connect my cable modem through the router to the PC network card. Ever since that, I've had to disable ZA because it is causing the PC network card to drop out constantly (every few minutes - every few hours). I only have basic knowledge of networking but I managed to do a couple of tests to make sure it was ZA that was the problem. First, I rebooted the router with ZA running. Result... the PC network card danced around between the connected and disconnected states. But as soon as I shut down ZA it connected and became stable.Second, I rebooted the router again, but this time I shut down ZA first. Sure enough, the network connected straight away and seemed to remain in a stable state. I'm saying 'stable' because it is now a few days on and the network has not dropped out again since.I would like to turn ZA back on for the extra security protection of having a software firewall in addition to the router firewall. Please... if anyone knows, can you help with this issue or lead me to the right place/web/forum to get a fix.What I've got:WinXP Home edD-Link DI-624 wireless routerZone Alarm free versionRealtek RTL8139 (updated driver only a couple of weeks ago)

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    Default Re: DLink (DI-624) router, ZA and cable connection help please.

    I have postedinformation from ZoneLabs in reference to internet connection issues.<A target=_blank></A>ISP SERVERS

    In some cases your local network or Internet service provider may use certain servers or other devices which will require less restrictive access. These may include:<UL><LI>DNS servers - Add the IP address(es) to your Trusted Zone</LI><LI>DHCP servers- Add the IP address(es) to your Trusted Zone</LI><LI>Local routers or ISDN modems</LI>[/list]

    Click START, RUN, type in cmd and then enter IPconfig/all to retrieve your DNS and DHCP servers so you can add them to the Trusted Zone.

    Regards, NNard
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