I updated the roam on my mobile/PDA and turned ZA off as advised while that happened. All went well with the PDA. I have lost all connectivity between my desktop and my router (wired) however.

I can still connect to the internet via my laptop and PDA wirelessly and my boys desktop (wired).

Typing ipconfig in a cmd box bought up nothing in my desktop's ip address. I tried looking around ZA and that brought me to the loopback adapter which showed an address I don't recognize

I then happened to plug in my PDA to recharge and got another address in the firewall dialogue box, that of a 3com adapter (the Windows Mobile PDA is connected via USB

Running ipconfig in the desktop cmd box again brings up that address now.

I am unable to ping the router at all from my desktop. Of course I can ping the PDA address.

Device manager says my Netgear network card is working and driver is OK.

I do not know what the IP address of my desktop was so even if I'm on the right track I wouldn't know what to change the loopback adapter address to. I may not even be on the right track.

Any suggestions please?


Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5